Environmental Issues
In Africa, resources are a major issue. 31.1 million Africans suffer from hunger and thirst because of the lack of resources in their country. One in three Africans are malnourished and most Africans have to live off of $1.00 to $2.00 a day. Africa is full of starving people and malnourished children. Some of the problems that are causing such hunger is the fact that the droughts are spreading to more parts of Africa. Most of the food in Africa comes from plants that are grown on farms. The plants can't survive in such hot and dry climates that they eventually die. The spreading drought is causing more and more of the farms to disappear and that is what is causing the hunger.

Malnourished Children of Nigeria
Malnourished Children of Nigeria


Most of Africa only has mild polition problems, but some parts of Africa, especially in the south, are severly polluted. Air pollution is one of the two main types of pollution the have. The also have marine pollution. Africa is extremely likey to have pollution due to oil spills. Tjhis is because of the constant transportation of oil to neighboring parts of the world. The mining activities that occur in Africa is another source of pollution. Groundwater pollution is most likely caused by this.

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In africa, there are over 200 different species of endangered mammals alone. There are over 100 endangered species of birds and about 260 plant species that are endangered. Overall, there are about 1,139 endangered species of animals and plants combined on Africa. There are ways that people are trying to save these animals. There are many different charities that are working to help save and protect the endangered animals in Africa. Some of the endangered species inclued the cheetah, the chimpazee, the black rhinoceros, the brown hyena, many different types of lemurs and shrews, the leapord, the red deer, the ostrich, the Egyptian vulture, different types or tortoises, snakes, and many more.

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