Africa Test

Multiple Choice

1. Which one of these is a country in Africa?

A. Canada
B. France
C. Mexico
D. South Africa

2. Which desert covers the southern part of Africa?
A. Sahara Desert
B. Kalahari Desert
C. Namib Desert
D. Monte Desert

3. What percentage of the entire Aids population is in Africa?

A. 1/4
B. 3/4
C. 2/3
D. 1/2

4. What is the longest river in Africa?
A. Congo River
B. Nile River
C. Amazon River
D. Niger Rivver

5. Which was the largest conflict in Africa?
A. Congo War
B. Somalian War
C. Second Congo War
D. Angolia Civil War

True or False
1. Ninety Eight percent of Nigeria’s imports is oil.
2. Thirty million Africans suffer from starvation.
3. Most of Africa has only mild pollution problems.
4. Somalian pirates hijack ships to make money in ransoms.
5. The aid from foreign countries hasn’t helped Africa.
6. Africa trades more with eachother than they do with foreign countries.
7. African woman are taught secret codes to communicate with other woman.
8. Robert Magabe threatened to start a war when he lost a presidental election.
9. Many African rebels are supprted by the Taliban.
10. Air pllution is one of the worst types of pollution in Africa.

Short Answer
1. Name five endangered species in Africa.

2. Explain the issue of piracy in Africa.
3. What type of government do the African Union countries have?
4. How has European colinization caused conflicts in Africa?
5. What caused the Somalia Civil War?