North Korea

On the mainland of Asia the is still remaining tension between the U.S. and Northe Korea. In January of 2004 there was a talk between not only those two nations but with South Korea ,Japan, Russia, and China as well. At the time little progress was expected . Within China alone the goverment seemd to be Accelerating the crackdown on the millions of Muslim ethnic Uighurs that in habit the Xinjiang Providence.


Main Exports of Asia
Outdoor Furniture- the majortity of the furniture is made of metal. The others are plasic and wooden furniture
Rice, coffee, rubber

We spent almost 287.8 million dollars on imports from asia these imports include; Computer accessories and parts, mi \cellaneous household goods, toys and sporting goods, computers,non- cotton and cotton household furnishings and clothing, video equiptment, furniture, footwear, and telecommunication equiptment.

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China Imports from U.S.

China spents about $55.2 billion dollars on imports from America in 2006, some include;
Semi-conductors ,Civilian aircraft ,Soybeans,Plastics ,Raw cotton ,Industrial machines ,Copper ,Computer accessories ,
Aluminum and Steelmaking material. These are the main imports from the U.S. that China and some of Asia recives.