Central and South America Quiz:

Multiple Choices:
1.) What country is Hugo Chavez president of, and that we have a conflict over oil with?
a. Columbia c. Venezuela
b. Cuba d. Iraq

2.) The main exports of Central America are ---------,---------- and ---------------.
a. Cocomuts, fish and papyas c. Bottled water, textiles and computers
b. Bananas, coffee and sugarcane d. Arrowroot, coconuts and textiles.

3.) Why is Lake Nicaragua famous?
a. It is the only place Clownfish are found. c. It is the cleanest lake in the world.
b. It’s the only freshwater lake with saltwater fish. d. It’s a peninsula.

4.) Where does dimond smuggling take place?
a. In both Central and South America. c. Only in Venezuela
b. In the Caribbean d. Only in Cuba

5.) The Caribbean’s economy relies mainly on _.
a. Agricultural exports c. Tourism
b. Textiles d. Meat production

True or False:
6.) The Amazon River is the longest river in the world.
7.) French Guiana is a territory of England.
8.) The Atacama Desert is the driest place on earth.
9.) There are 57 countries in Central and South America. (not including the Carribean)
10.) The Amazon is suffering most from water pollution.
11.) South America is the most violent part of the Americas.
12.) Most countries are a form of dictatorship.
13.) Sapphires are being smuggled out of Brazil illegally.
14.) Most of the counties first language is Spanish.
15.) There is currently a push for oil production in South America.

Short Answer:

16.) State a fact about the Rapa Nui culture. (Easter Island)

17.) Explain why the Panama Canal makes it easier for trade.

Describe the major environmental issue of the area.

Describe the difference between Brazil’s economy and Bolivia’s economy.

20.) Name at least 3 famous land marks of the region and give a fact about each.