Cultural Characteristics in the Middle East


People in the Middle East are known for their migration of many people. There are three main ethnic groups; Arabs, Turks, and the Iranians. Also, there are some smaller groups such as the Kurds which are spread through Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. There is also the Jews which are found in Israel. Pakistanis, Armenians, and Greeks live mostly in the nation of Cyprus.


In the Middle East Language is a major culture identity. The more well-known languages include: Arabic, Turkish, and Persian. The most used language is Turkish. Persian is the language that comes from the Iranians and Arabic is similar to the Hebrew, spoken in the Middle East. People that are more educated also are known to speak English and French.



Just like Language in the Middle East Religion is also a major culture identity. The major religion in the Middle East is Islam, which is the religion of the Muslims. There are two branches that break from Islam known as the Sunni Islam (larger one) and the Shi’i Islam. The Shi’i Islam can be found spread throughout Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon. Another religion practiced in Lebanon is Christianity, practiced by come Arabs. Judaism is the modern state of Israel.

Daily life:

Most people in the Middle East have a living of a settled farmer. Many years ago, people lived in villages and small towns similar to their ancestors. However, it has now been drastically different. A large number of the population has moved into the cities.



The Middle East was divided into three areas before it became known as the "Middle East." The areas were known as the "Near East" which was the region nearest to Europe, the "Middle East" which was from the Gulf to Southeast Asia, and the "Far East" which was the regions facing the Pacific Ocean. The "Middle East" was confirmed by the British Military before World War II. Although that’s the confirmed name some agencies call it the "Near East."

The Middle East has been known as the "cradle of civilization" for many years. Around 8,000 years ago people in the Middle East discovered many ways of growing food so that they didn’t have to spend time hunting and gathering for meals. Before the Christian Era, the Middle East had already seen the misfortunes for other kingdoms which gave them an opportunity to see what was ahead of them. People of the Middle East created many inventions such as the codes of law, writing systems, mechanical inventions (wheel), and the development of sciences and mathematics.

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